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First-rate sod for your yard

Sauk Valley Turf Farms provides superior-quality sod for commercial and residential purposes. We supply high-quality sod to homeowners, contractors, and landscapers.


Contact us to learn more about our competitive prices and impressive services. We’re a family-owned business serving your community since 1973.

Choose Kentucky bluegrass sod for your yard

Kentucky bluegrass sod is known as one of the most sought-after sods in the world. It has the ability to thrive in sunny and cool areas along with places that have cold winters. If you want to transform your yard with Kentucky bluegrass sod, give us a call at 815-716-0273 or stop by at 28961 Star Rd.

Features of Kentucky bluegrass sod

• Disease resistance

• Leaf texture

• Low-growing height

• Dark green color

Find quality sod rolls to suit your yard

We have two types of sod rolls available with us. The small rolls are 81 inches long and 16 inches wide, measuring 9 square feet approximately. The big rolls are 30 inches wide, measuring up to 225 square feet. No matter what the size of your yard is, we have the perfect sod for it!